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Welcome to Cedar River Kleine Münsterländers

Kleine Münsterländers, also know as Small Munsterlanders, are a medium sized versatile hunting dog. These dogs excel at tracking and recovering wounded game. Münsterlanders are wonderful water fowl dogs and upland hunting dogs. In the home, they are very well behaved, but when it comes to hunting or tracking they have endless energy.

Cedar River Kleine Münsterländers is not a kennel, we are a small Eastern Iowa family that is dedicated to the training and hunting of this dynamic little dog. On occasion we will breed a litter.  We hunt our dogs between 2-4 days a week during our hunting season. During the summer months, we train for NAVHDA or JGHV testing.

We are members of KLM-GNA, NAVHDA and JGHV.

I am extremely happy with my Klein munsterlander puppy "B" litter from Mary and Jim. 

This is my 3rd hunting dog, the 2 previous where golden retrievers. Huntley is excellent in the house and office, as I am fortunate that he is able to go with me daily to my office. He has also been great with my son son who is now 4.

His drive for game is impressive. There is really not much more to say but it is intense.

One thing I have really appreciated about purchasing from Mary and Jim is there willingness to help develop/train the dog.  

I needed a dog that can hunt and that's what I got. 

Josh Gansen
Ogden Iowa

 I got my puppy from Mary and Jim in the Summer of 2015 (Born Spring 2015). First off, the Standiford's are some of the nicest people that I have met. They are genuine, engaging, happy to answer the million questions you might have about the puppy as well as the breed, and easy to get in contact with. I researched the breed and had many questions for Mary before signing up for a puppy. I do a lot of upland hunting in Montana so it is big country to cover. I have been highly impressed and could not ask for more out of the dog that I got from the Mary and Jim. He has an excellent nose, high prey drive, and stamina. He is smart and eager to learn and please. Last season we bagged 7 different type of upland bird species and my dog performed well on all of them. In addition to being an excellent hunter, my dog has a great disposition, personality, and is very affectionate and curious. Despite being a male and intact - he is not aggressive in the slightest and loves playing with other dogs and is great around kids or anyone that he comes in contact with. Mary was also extremely helpful while I was training Buckshot - she was readily available, had helpful information, and was eager to help. I still keep in contact with Mary and consider her to be a great friend. Small Munsterlanders are awesome hunters and great companions!!!


Adam Sammons